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We work with some of the most innovative home builders across Ontario helping them achieve their desired ACH goals. We also partner with organizations who encourage the progress of the Canadian building industry to encourage the use of more energy efficient building practices

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“As a site superintendent, I really appreciate having AeroBarrier as a part of our project. The product not only reduces time & worrying about passing blower door tests but helps us identify areas to improve on in the future.”

Derek Delaney, Site Superintendent

Minto Communities Canada

“As a building inspector, the code requires us to inspect the air barrier under prescribed notices. I like the AeroBarrier technology as it’s built-in reporting confirms the air barrier is in place and sufficient to meet code requirements.

Tim Benedict, Manager

Kitchener’s Building Department

“AeroBarrier is the solution we have been looking for! Activa takes great pride in being recognized as an award-winning ENERGY STAR home builder. With NZR and NZ homes, it is critical to reducing air leakage to negligible values and AeroBarrier helps us achieve that exact goal. We spend hours sealing Net Zero Ready and Net Zero homes during the construction process, however, leaks can still occur. This problem is corrected by introducing AeroBarrier at the drywall stage. The home is pressurized, a caulking-like mist is released into the air which finds and seals openings as the pressure forces it out. It’s a simple cost-effective process taking only 3 to 4 hours. In short, AeroBarrier works! It is a crucial part of helping us achieve the level of airtightness required for our builds. It gives us the confidence to achieve ACH (Air Changes per Hour) levels well above industry standards. Activa has adopted this practice for all our NZR and NZ builds, making the application a standard and included feature for our homeowners.

Tara Gill, Director, Procurement


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